“I have been involved in natural healing practices since 1989…   … I chose to focus on Japanese style acupuncture because of its gentle and effective approach.”

Dorothea Tebbenhoff - Acupuncturist practising in Motueka, Tasman

New Zealand – 2001 to date

Since moving to New Zealand from Los Angeles in 2001, I have worked in private practice in Christchurch and Motueka. I received the National Diploma of Acupuncture in 2003 and hold an active membership with the Acupuncture NZ (acupuncture.org.nz). I am an ACC provider.

While in New Zealand, I have continued my studies with leading acupuncture specialists including Stephen Birch, Ted Pearson, Tracey Walker, Daniel Deng and Will McLean, Kiiko Matsumoto, Monika Kobylecka.

Germany and the USA – prior to 2001

I was born in Germany and have practiced Acupuncture since 1993. I started my training in Germany and was awarded the ‘holistic health practitioner’ license (Heilpraktiker) in 1989 in Munich. I then moved to the USA and continued my studies, receiving a Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the prestigious Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, California in 1993. I also gained my United States national and California state certification in the same year.

A study visit to Shanghai, China in 1992 took the mystery out of the practice of Oriental medicine and showed me specifically how Chinese medicine is integrated into daily life in a very natural way. During my years in private practice in Los Angeles, I continued to further my education and refine my skills. Several seminars taken by Miki Shima and Kiiko Matsumoto, introduced me to Japanese-style acupuncture. Building on this, I joined an in depth study group with Avi Magidoff, focusing on the acupuncture style of Kiiko Matsumoto.


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